.223 Experience



The .223 calibre is the same used by the majority of military forces around the World and is a full bore centre fire round with an effective distance of over 4 miles.

Using one of our 100m ranges our .223 Experience offers the non firearms licence the chance to shoot a full bore firearm in a safe, secure environment.

Full training will be given as well as all the safety equipment and a fully qualified instructor will be with you to help you understand the process to go through for accurate safe shooting.

The .223 Experience includes shooting both a .223 bolt action hunting rifle as well as a BAR ‘straight pull’ AR15 style rifle both fitted with top of the range Vortex scopes and shooting factory load Remington hunting ammunition.

You’ll shoot 20 rounds from each rifle at a variety of targets, some simple and some more fun. Time on range 90 minutes, minimum two people. Price is per person. YOU MUST BOOK A MINIMUM OF TWO PLACES Remember to bring photo ID.


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