Ultimate Bolt Experience


The ultimate bolt firing experience, crossbows, Ravin Bow and the awesome Airbow.


No bullets, just bolts – cross bow bolts, enjoy our ultimate bolt firing experience.

Start with our Excalibur hunting crossbows, fitted with telescopic sights and firing carbon fibre bolts at over 340 feet per second these are not toys but full power compound crossbows. Enjoy a variety of mini competitions at distances from 30-60m.

After the Excalibur you move onto the Ravin Crossbow, this is the ultimate crossbow – 360fps, great fun.

Finally you get to try the Worlds most absurd bolt firing gun – the Airbow. Thats right, a bolt firing firearm that uses compressed air (same as an air rifle) to fire a carbon fibre bolt at over 420fps, awesome fun.

Price is per person. Minimum of two people, time on range 3 hours.


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