Range Rules

Failure to adhere to all of these rules could result in immediate loss of membership and removal from the range.

  1. Follow the rules of safe firearm use:
    1. Never point the firearm and anything you don’t want to shoot at.
    2. Always assume a firearm is loaded.
    3. Only put your finger on the trigger when you are about to fire.
    4. Always keep the firearm pointed downrange and be aware of what is behind your target.
  2. All firearms must be kept in bags and only removed at the firing point, once you have finished firing the all firearms must be unloaded, shown clear and placed back into their bags
  3. All full bore firearms MUST BE SUPRESSED.
  4. If the Range Officer considers a firearm is too loud then the shooter is to cease firing and report to the range office.
  5. A maximum of two people may be present per firing bay.
  6. The range operates a 12 degree cone of fire, all muzzles must be kept pointed directly at the targets at all times, any impact outside of the range parameters must be reported to the Range Officer, failure to do so will result in loss of membership and removal from the range.
  7. Shooters and guests must report to the range office before going to the ranges 
  8. Shooting to take place from 10am until 5pm.
  9. Range opening times are Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and alternate Saturdays
  10. Shooters may only shoot at the target and bay they have booked, movement to another target must be authorised by the Range Officer, no cross firing.
  11. All firearms must be zeroed before commencing firing, if a firearm requires zeroing at the range you must inform the Range Officer and complete the zeroing procedure.
  12. All HME (High Muzzle Energy) firearms must be zeroed under supervision of the Range Officer before commencing firing.
  13. 50m ranges are for pistol calibre and small bore/rimfire firearms only.
  14. 100m ranges can be shot by all types of firearms (full bore and small bore/pistol calibre)
  15. Each range to be managed by designated Range Officer, shooters must comply to the Range Officers commands.
  16. Changing targets must be undertaken with the Range Officers approval, all firearms at the shooting points must be unloaded and shown clear with breach flags inserted, only at this time may shooters move downrange to change targets, under the Range Officers control.
  17. No firing of tracer rounds is permitted.
  18. All firearms are the responsibility of the owner.
  19. Any firearm loaned or rented to the shooter is the responsibility of the shooter until the firearm is returned to the range office.
  20. Any ammunition which has suffered a misfire or other issue resulting in partial or non function must be removed from the site by the shooter/owner or handed to the Range Officer for safe disposal.
  21. Any action which the Range Officer deems unsafe will result in the shooter to cease firing and report to the range office.
  22. Shooting anything other than designated targets on the range will result in immediate loss of membership and removal from the range.
  23. The entire range is covered with CCTV, by signing this document you accept the use of the recording of your images under the rules covered by the Information Commissioners Office.


All bookings are final, in the event of a cancellation, no refunds will be issued.