About Us

Silverstone Shooting Centre is the largest privately owned commercial shooting range in the UK. There are 5 outdoor ranges which can be booked exclusively by our members and 7 indoor ranges which can be booked by other sporting organisations for group use. The indoor ranges cannot be booked individually, only by recognised sporting organisations or commercial operations.

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Our outdoor ranges comprise three 50m ranges suitable for directional and dynamic (practical shooting) as well as two 100m long ranges with no muzzle limit, also suitable for directional and dynamic shooting. These are reserved for our club members and for use on some of our Shooting Experience events.

We are also a Home Office approved club so offer a dedicated training program to enable new shooters obtain their firearms licence as well as a series of training and competitions.

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We also offer a series of Experience Events that allow everyone (including those with no shooting experience) to try out the sport of target shooting, these Experiences use all of our range inside and out for a variety of different shooting experiences. You do not need a licence to participate in these events.

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We also offer a full design and build solution to any operational needs you may need to include full planning, construction and management for live fire or wider operational training operational venues.

There are very few operations in the World that have direct experience in the design, construction and management of shooting ranges and related training facilities and its an area where real experience matters.

This includes the design of live and simulation suitable targetry including reactive mannequin targets and ballistic steel mobile backstops suitable for up to .308 jacketed ammunition.

Contact us directly for any needs you may have.