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Silverstone Shooting Centre announces Hawke Optics as new Optics Partner

Following several months of testing Hawke Optics have been selected as the new optics partner for Silverstone Shooting Centre.

An extensive shooting range needs a strong optics partner for the sheer variety of shooting that is undertaken and having decided to move on from the previous optics partner Silverstone Shooting Centre engaged in several months of testing from multiple suppliers.

Of specific interest was a strong optics partner for Silverstone’s IPSC Practical Mini Rifle operation as well as longer distance optics for field shooting. John Thorne, owner of Silverstone Shooting Centre explains;

“We have a wide variety of shooters here which encompass a wide range of shooting disciplines so we needed a strong optics partner who not only could provide very specific product but also on going long term support to our members”

Yvonne Jenkins, Marketing Manager, Hawke Optics confirms;

“We’ve been extremely impressed with the way John and his team have researched and tested the products to ensure they get what they need and are delighted that Hawke won against some stiff competition.”

Silverstone Shooting Centre will now offer a wide range of Hawke Optics 1-6 and 1-4 power optics which were selected as being specifically suited to IPSC Mini Rifle shooting and also a range of 5-30 power optics for longer distance shooting.

Hawke Optics will be used on the extensive range of Shooting Experience Events Silverstone Shooting Centre offer to non licence holders and included as part of their extensive training operation where the range offers training from marksmanship to practical style shooting.

A range of Hawke Optics will be available to try on firearms at the range for those wishing to try before they buy – a crucial aspect of what Silverstone offers to the shooting community as well as a dedicated display in the range club house. Thorne continues;

“Choosing an optic is a long term decision so its important to make the right one, we chose Hawke because the product out performed the others in our testing but it was re-enforced by the fact that Hawke Optics offer a lifetime warranty on all their product, that’s important”

Silverstone Shooting Centre is now undertaking further testing on red dot and holographic optics as well as testing firearms to select a new firearms partner.

To see our testing process and results see our videos here:

John Thorne
Silverstone Shooting Centre

Yvonne Jenkins
Marketing Manager, Hawke Optics