Our Practical Winter league championship earned its name this round with -1 temperatures but at least it wasnt wet for a change so we all the competitors enjoyed an interesting 4 stage match.

Stage 1

Stage 2

Stage 3

Stage 4


With results added for these first 4 rounds the current leader board;

1st Kelvin Leaton 42 points
2nd John Thorne 38 points*
3rd Andrew Hammond 33 points
4th Matt Cox 28 points
5th Pete Dennis 23 points
6th Dave Salmons 21 points
7th Andy Smith 13 points
8th James Rowlands 12 points
9th= Martin Patric 10 points
9th= Stephen Wilkinson 10 points
11th Tony Porter 9 points
12th= Matt Liddy 6 points
12th= Tom Samples 6 points
12th= Colin Christensen 6 points
15th= Laurie Boyle 4 points
15th= Tom Davys 4 points
16th= Rupert Pearse 2 points
16th= Aaron Coates 2 points
16th= Jon Clough 2 points
16th= Tom Thompson 2 points
16th= Tom Goodman 2 points
16th= Yendis Lambert 2 points
16th= Stuart bateman 2 points
16th= Matt Kino Wylam 2 points
24th= Richard Poole 1 point
24th= Ethan Thorne 1 point
24th= Vian Davis 1 point
24th= Asif Ansari 1 point
24th= Harry Grewal 1 point
24th= David Allwood 1 point

31 competitors total.
* not eligible for final results