We have now added some new training courses available for members and non members alike. The first – How to Zero a Rifle is in part brought about by just how little some shooters seem to know about the process, this is further compounded by some retailers selling guns and optics with them ‘ready to go’ with the new owner under the impression that that is the case – sadly it is not.

Our Zeroing session will teach you how to bore sight a rifle, dial in an optic and give you the confidence on how to undertake the whole process – pretty much the most crucial skill any shooter should possess.

You can book a zeroing session HERE

Our Marksmanship Course is designed to be far more detailed and give any shooter the skills to shoot in any environment and any position. Part of the motivation for this course is seeing just how little dedicated training is given to people attending some other courses such as DSC1 in the actual instruction of how to shoot a rifle. Our marksmanship course covers everything a new or experienced shooter will need for shooting in the field or at a range to improve both their accuracy and their confidence.

You can book a Marksmanship course HERE

Further training courses will be added as we see the need.