This is the current entry list:

  1. John Thorne (Open, Senior) Squad 1
  2. Kelvin Leaton (Open) Squad 2
  3. Josh Hicks (Open) Squad 2
  4. Dave Barbara (Open) Squad 3
  5. Thomas Ellaway (Open) Squad 3
  6. Dave Salmons (Open) Squad 2
  7. Dan Cook (Open) Squad 1
  8. Dan Roberts (Open) Squad 1
  9. Howard Roberts Squad 3
  10. David Hill (Open) Squad 1
  11. Yendis Lambert (Open)  Squad 1
  12. Richard poole (Open) Squad 1
  13. Edward Lam (Open) Squad 1
  14. Benjamin Horner Squad 2
  15. Dan Chappel Squad 3
  16. Laurie Boyle (Open) Squad 1
  17. Tom Manning (Open) Squad 2
  18. Daniel Smerald Squad 3
  19. Rob Capolongo (Open, Senior)
  20. James Harris (Open) Squad 1
  21. Tom Samples (Open) Squad 3
  22. Tom Goodman (Open) Squad 3
  23. Rupert Pearse (Open) Squad 3
  24. Nick Towndrow (Open, Senior) Squad 2
  25. Ben Ducker (Open) Squad 2
  26. Emma Ducker (Open, Lady) Squad 2
  27. Alex Cox (Open) Squad 3
  28. Ronnie Graham (Open, Senior) Squad 2

This means we still have space for 2 more entrants. Entry can be made online HERE

Squadding and full stage details will be posted here on Friday, if you have any squad requirements then let us know by tomorrow. Also, we need to know what division, we are assuming everyone is mini rifle open but we also need to know who is senior, junior etc.

Be aware there are 4 stages with targets at 100m, 3 stages with targets at 50m+ so please have an idea on your zero. We will ‘try’ to get 10 minutes before the match starts for those to zero but we CANNOT Guaranty that!

We have a full restaurant on site.

Please arrive no later than 9.30am, we need to start 10am prompt with a safety briefing at 9.45am – miss that means you don’t shoot.