Round 2 of the NRA Practical Minirifle League was hosted by Headley Park, a lovely little range nestled in the woodland SE of London and a great match is was. We nearly had the full team out (more of that later) and the hosts kindly let us shoot on the Sunday as our range was open on the Saturday so we couldn’t shoot on the main day, thanks for that.

Rupert on the run

John on the run

Ethan on the run

Tom sitting on his arse

Tom on the mince

8 great stages, all quite challenging but all fun to shoot including a 50+ round stage made it it a great day and results wise we did pretty well with most of the team getting into the top 10 and all very close with John 8th, Tom S 9th, Tom G  10th and Rupert 11th. Ethan, a new shooter was a very respectable 16th.

As usual we video all the stages so check them all out on our Youtube Channel HERE

But here are a few