Our first large match here with the combined ranges and its safe to say all the competitors were blown away by what we have built here. Whilst the indoor ranges at the Tactical Training Centre have a central role as police and emergency services training we also want to make sure that they are available (at weekends only, when there is no requirement for emergency services training) for competitions.

We also use competitions as part of our R&D program for range design and the unique features we have created so we can offer these to our commercial clients for our range design and operation consultancy services. So the first mini rifle match was in part a bit of a test, one we passed with flying colours.

The 30+ shooters were rewarded with 12 stages over the indoor and outdoor ranges with courses of fire from 100m down to 1m where we used nearly every aspect of the ranges including the skills houses (upstairs and down) and the tactical training village with a spiral staircase thrown in for good measure. Despite having some new shooters (tough match for a first shoot really) it all went smoothly and was lovely to see a lot of names we’d not seen before.

4 of the stages were in the dark which made for some interesting results and one stage was blind, ie no instructions at all, simply ‘shooter stand by…..’ this was especially enjoyable for all the shooters and made for some hilarious stage plans from some.

Winner on the day was Alex Meade with Duncan Rowe and Paul Hunter a close 2nd and third. Paul did especially well as he usually shoots CSR so clearly being accurate is a useful skill.

Full results are here on the Practiscore APP. HERE.

We will post up some videos on our Youtube channel in due course.

Of greatest importance was just how much fun everyone was having, whilst everyone wanted to shoot well the vibe was one of enjoyment through sport not results at the expense of sportsmanship something we have been keen to re-create after it has been lost of late. The new shooters were helped and guided not laughed at as some have witnessed at other matches, advice was offered and taken and a common comment was ‘I hope all matches are like this’ something we will work very hard to achieve, if that means some shooters don’t want to come here, then so be it.

Our plans for competitions here are still in their infancy but the successful hiring of a new range manager as well as the completion of the construction means we will be keen to offer at least a competition a month for MR, LBP and PRL shooting with potentially a new membership class to allow for discounted entry fees without needing to be a full member, lots of things in discussion. Certainly we have already committed to support the NRA with 2 Minirifle matches and 2 LBP matches next season so the new range manager will be busy!

We look forward to seeing you all here, but bring a sense of humour and a sense of sportsmanship, or don’t come, really.