So after 6 rounds the first ever NRL22 UK Championship came to a close. This is the first time the NRL22 has been shot in the UK so it was a new style of shooting for everyone. Over the course of the Winter season 32 different shooters tried their hand at precision .22 rifle shooting and the response was overwhelmingly positive, this style of competitive shooting is great fun and a real challenge.

With 6 rounds in the championship but only the best 5 to score we awarded 20 points for each winner, 19 for 2nd etc so even with a poor round it meant that consistency was rewarded rather than a single decent round and that showed in the final results.

The overall Championship went to Ryan Charlton, a very experienced precision rifle shooter with a final total score of 92 points. Ryan won a Bergara Rifle kindly donated by Ruag. Ryan was consistent throughout the season with wins or top 5 places at each round so his final score reflected that.

Second place though went to a new shooter, Edward Patmore, who’d only just got his licence after attending the probationary training course we run here at Silverstone late last year. This is a tremendous achievement for a new shooter, just got his licence to score second place overall. Edward scored relatively well on each round to give him a consistent decent score to take second place with 67 points. Edward won a £50 voucher kindly donated by Highland Outdoors.


Third place also went to a relatively new shooter, Daniel Brevin, who has been sharing his training in precision rifle shooting on his social media and has been shooting a rented/borrowed gun for the entire season so well done to him and indeed all the shooters who made the hosting of the series enjoyable and all shot safely throughout.

Results for round 6

And final results for the season

Ryan Charlton 92

Edward Patmore 67

Daniel Brevin 60

Lee Hopgood 59

Tom Rice 58

Ade Flannery 55

Joe Pask 53

Ben McIlwain 53

Chris Dearden 52

Russ Taylor 48

Andrew Bradbury 43

Andy Simpson 42

Laurie Boyle 41

Andrew Mills 37

Duncan McIlwain 29

Alex White 20

Jack Crawford 19

Jeff Curley 17

James Bask 16

Anthony Vizard 16

Wayne Hemmings 16

Gareth Jones 15

Andy Cudworth 15

Adrian Stapleton 14

Dan Watkins 14

Richard Morgan 14

Paul Hunter 13

Will Mansell 12

Dave Nicholson 10

Andy Kierley 10

Simon Nicholson 8

We are now sorting plans for this season to carry on the NRL22 as a regular monthly competition, so will keep you all posted.

Well done to the winners, especially the new shooters and thank you to the partners – Ruag and Highland Outdoors.