.22 Practical Range Weekday Afternoon Session



Our dedicated .22 practical range is available for hire for non members.

This range contains over 250 targets (steel, knock, turners and camera controlled targets) with extensive barricades and range furniture suitable to create multiple courses of fire and training areas. The range is suitable for mini rifle and LBP firearms.

180 degree cone of fire is allowed (side to side into the bunds and into the backstop).

Rental can only be granted to shooters who have either:

  • Passed the UKPSA Practical shooting safety course, or
  • Passed one of our own Introduction to Practical Shooting Courses, or
  • Regularly compete in the NRA Practical Shooting leagues (LBP, mini rifle or shotgun)

Afternoon session is from 1pm to 5pm, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday ONLY.

Price is for the range not per person so multiple shooters can use the range subject to range rules and shooter safety. Target damage is extra.


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