Practical Mini Rifle Safety and Skills Course Saturday 30th September 2023


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A development from our Introduction To practical Shooting Course and from working with new shooters we have developed this new practical shooting course designed for both beginners and those looking to hone their skills.

The course is in two parts, firstly a full introduction to IPSC Practical Mini Rifle; you will be taught the rules and regulations of the sport, target types and all the relevant shooting positions, dynamic movement and complete safety protocols to shoot in IPSC mini rifle discipline. These include;

Start positions
Target types
Prone, reverse prone
Sitting, standing shooting
Weak shoulder
Aperture shooting

The second part of the course is skills training where we take you through extended training techniques to improve your skill level and ultimately score using drills and practices developed over years of competition. These include;

Multi distance hold over
Multi optics shooting
Bipod shooting
Speed transission skills
Hip shooting
Stage strategy
Match planning

The course includes several courses of fire shot under competition rules.

The course is instructed by John Thorne, multi year competition veteran, NRA Qualified Instructor and NRA qualified RCO. John also designs and creates multiple courses of fire for multiple matches all specialising in mini rifle. John designs and runs all of our mini rifle matches and stages and is head of training here at Silverstone Shooting Centre.

The course lasts a full day, starts at 10am until 5pm. Lunch is available on site. Gun rental is available if required and no need for an FAC (although we do recommend it).

Whilst the course is designed to be a safety and skills course it has no association with the UKPSA or their safety course whatsoever.


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