Wildcat Panther

Quietest moderator we have tested here, suitable for .22 and .17 calibres.


The Wildcat Panther is our new Rimfire/HMR Moderator with an EXTRA PLUS! The Panther will also tame your WSM/WMR/Hornet and Fireball, both in .22 and .17 calibres. (17Hornet, 17 Ackley Hornet, 17Fireball/MachIV, 20Vartarg, 22 hornet, 22MachIV. So below about 20gr powder)

Vital Statistics:

All black except our trade mark coloured internal Diffuser.
Total Length: 168mm
Forward: 112mm
Over-barrel: 55mm
Weight: 222grm
Diameter: 38.3mm
Available in 1/2unf/1/2unef 14×1 and 15×1
A three part Moderator for easy strip, cleaning and maintenance.


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