Its the final round of the Target Rich Environment Practical Winter League so thought it was worthwhile looking at the scores so far.

When we first started the Winter League 4 years ago we also assumed it would be small numbers, new shooters, emphasis on fun and giving new shooters the chance to get their feet into the sport and enjoy it. Fast forward to now and we have 30 shooters attending, lots of new shooters and a lot of fun.

We only score the top 10 shooters but despite that 24 shooters have scored thus far (out of over 50 different shooters attending) so it shows the depth of shooting which is great to see. Saying that the results show that experience counts with Russell Hicks being a lock in for overall victory, might have been different had Lee Hopgood or Lee Elliot shoot a few more rounds but hey, thats the idea of a league, you cant just do one round. With 1 round to go (and one round can be dropped):

1st Russell Hicks 39 points
2nd Tom Goodman 21 points
3rd Lee Elliot 19 points
4th Edward Patmore 14 points
5th= Stuart Jenkins 13 points
5th= Chris Nicholson 13 points
7th James Thomas 10 points
8th= Terry Norman 8 points
8th= Prem Lemke 8 points
9th= Alistair Mustard 7 points
9th= Jeremy Griffiths 7 points
9th=Owen Leung 7 points
10th= Rupert Pearse 6 points
10th= Paul Hunter 6 points

We’ve only had 3/4 LBP shooters attend which is a shame but they’ve all been great competitors and again some new shooters but Rob Lawson is sneaking it away from Howard Roberts with a narrow 2 point lead on 30 points and 28 points respectively with Adrian Steel coming up with 25 points and Peter Hancock with 8.

All of the winners will receive some Target Rich Environment clothing as their prizes, thanks to them for their support.

Last round is Sunday April 14th, to enter click :HERE