We are delighted to announce our new partnership with Browning, Winchester and Kite Optics the Pro Shoot Xperience.

One of the hardest aspects of buying a new rifle is getting to feel how the rifle shoots in real life. Its all well and good handling your chosen firearm at your favourite gun shop or a gun show (remember them?) but nothing can really demonstrate how good the gun is without actually firing it; what’s the recoil like, what’s the cheek weld like, how ergonomic is the safety and how does the trigger feel, none of these can be 100% felt without actually firing the firearm – which isnt easy in a gun shop and will create a whole World of other issues if you tried it at a show!

So we have partnered up with Browning , Winchester and Kite Optics to create the chance for prospective new owners to get to try the range of Browning and Winchester rifles here at Silverstone Shooting Centre.

The concept is simple, you get the opportunity to spend one hour testing the Browning or Winchester rifle of your choice, fitted with a top of the range sight from Kite Optics, firing Winchester ammunition (we provide 20 rounds for rifles in .243, .223, .308, 50 rounds for the Browning T Bolt in .22LR or 17HMR and 100 rounds of .22LR for the Wildcat) accompanied by one of our NRA qualified instructors for the highly advantageous price of £49.

After testing the product, you will receive a VOUCHER for the reimbursement of £49 upon purchase of a new Browning or Winchester rifle (excluding the Wildcat).

The program covers exclusively rifles (shotguns are not included)

To select the Browning or Winchester rifle you’d like to try see HERE

For more information we invite you to visit Browning Promo and Winchester Promo