UKPSA Proposed Changes

  1. Council decisions to be executed via elected positions voting only. All appointed positions to retain right of involvement and input but actual voting restricted to elected council positions only – Chair, Secretary, PRO, RD, Treasurer. This will likely require an EGM to ratify

    Update. This position appears to have got worse not better, with committee members not being re-elected but then the new Chair making them Vice Presidents with full voting rights without recourse to the membership.

The current format means that decisions are carried by virtue of unelected people with no oversight or control of their position. We have groups of appointed positions voting for areas where there is clear conflict of interest with no process of control. We should retain the input of all officers for all meetings but final vote should be undertaken only by those people for which the membership have ultimate control – elected members only.

  1. All sponsorship deals cancelled with immediate effect. All logos removed, all administrative rights to social media rescinded. A new partnership program created with specific benefits for all parties in an open and clear format.
    Update. There appears to be some further movement the removal of logos and persons out of positions of control, but no formal new contract terms set up.

There is currently no clear details of what sponsors have contributed or what they take in return, we have sponsors voting on their own packages and awarding themselves financial support with no financial control or detail. By creating a new open and clear partnership program we can define the benefits to all parties.

  1. All training programs re-aligned so payments for all official training programs go direct to UKSPA. Basic Safety training course re-designed to be a core safety course lasting 1 day (per discipline – Long rifle or short) with a simple pass or fail outcome and capped at £50 per person. UKPSA to be responsible for paying for range space, trainers and materials.
    Update. No further movement as of yet.

Training has ballooned in content and costs and payments outside of the UKPSA have meant that it training has become a revenue stream to third parties without oversight. New members should be encouraged to take up the sport safety with a subsidised course that concentrates on safety and performance and not political indoctrination.

  1. Ranges invited to host level 3 matches on a new partnership basis. UKPSA to pay an agreed flat fee and fee per competitor for the range to host the match and UKPSA to promote, staff and manage the match itself. All Range staff to be equally compensated from the UKPSA, match fees paid to the UKPSA.
    Update. Some ideas to pay ranges a ‘subsistence fee’ but sort of misses the whole point sadly.

Ranges and clubs are unwilling to host matches as the process is hostile and costly. The area needs a cultural change to one of partnership with clubs rather than a dictatorial process of demands, threats and blackmail as we currently have.

We will continue to update members as to developments as we made aware, but appreciate that some things take time and we do need to be patient.