Delighted to announce a new Title partner for our Practical Shooting Competitions here at Silverstone Shooting Centre – Viper Tactical.

If you’re into your Airsoft then the name Viper Tactical will be well known to you, they are one of the largest suppliers of tactical equipment, clothing and accessories to the huge airsoft market here in the UK and abroad. Having hosted some training days for the Viper team here at Silverstone they recognised the unique nature of the ranges as well as the exciting opportunity that Practical Shooting offers to broaden their market.

As well as wanting to get their excellent product range into the eyeline of the practical shooting market the partnership also offers the opportunity for airsofters to try practical shooting so we will be putting together some practical shooting days for airsofters to try practical minirifle as well.
Best news is that Viper Tactical have provided a huge range of their accessories for the prize table for all of our NRA Practical Minirifle and Hand Gun league matches here at Silverstone this includes backpacks, gun cleaning mats, belts, molle pouches etc. These will all be on display in the clubhouse at each round.
We are delighted to welcome Viper Tactical on board and hope that this opens up both shooting sports – airsoft and practical to some mutual opportunities for the safe expansion of both sports. For details on their extensive range of tactical kit see their website.