Round 4 of the Target Rich Environment Winter League didnt disappoint with another 30 shooters including 7 new shooters to Silverstone and another new shooter for his first match so already a good day.

We had another six stages, including shooting from a car, a dark stage, down a train and climbing a building so very different and great fun.

We have completely unique ranges here at Silverstone so whilst some of the stages werent perfect IPSC regulations they were all great fun and lots of laughs had by the shooters, all safe and sound as well.

Despite all the fun someone had to win and it was again Russell Hicks who stepped forward this week with some fine shooting but he was pushed hard by Elliot with our LBP shooters (only 3 again sadly) lead by Rob Lawson

We especially want to say thank you to the guys who came all the way from Scotland and Wales to shoot, long way to come for a 6 stage match but glad you all enjoyed it, just imagine double the fun with the 12 stage NRA match coming up in April! To reiterate, all of our matches are for enjoyment, the larger matches are no different with the same welcoming Range Officers and keeness for everyone to have fun at the same time where else can you shoot from cars, tube trains, upstairs skills houses with green lights and out 100m!

Well done to all the shooters.

Here are all 6 stages shot in varying levels of screw ups 🙂