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Dynamic or ‘Practical’ Shooting is the shooting sport where the shooter moves around the range to engage different targets at different positions. Targets can vary in distance, size, type and can be static or moving, it is an exciting shooting discipline.

Obviously safety is paramount so your Dynamic Shooting Experience begins with an extensive safety course where we teach trigger discipline, muzzle control and the extensive safety protocols we need to adhere to to ensure a safe environment.

All of our instructors are NRA qualified and all have extensive competitive shooting experience.

The Dynamic Shooting Experience will include shooting a variety of targets with distances varying from 5m to 100m using our competition upgraded Smith and Wesson 15.22 semi automatic rifles or our Kriss Vector competition rifles Fitted with multiple optics and using 25 or 30 round magazines these rifles are state of the art offering complete reliability and unmatched accuracy.

No firearms licence is required but terms and conditions and as specified by the Firearms Act apply, contact us for details.

Let us know if you’re buying the Dynamic Shooting experience as a gift, we can send you a Gift Certificate, but also try sending one of our Video gift card, they can be found here:

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Minimum group size is two people, price is per person. YOU MUST BOOK A MINIMUM OF TWO PLACES 2-3 hours range time and approximately 300 rounds.


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