Ultimate Experience Half Day



Whilst all our Experience Events can have an element of competitiveness built in we also do an Experience Event which embodies the competitive spirit entirely – the Ultimate Experience.

Available as half or a full day we need a minimum of 10 people to arrange as each event is scored so you end up with a ‘Top Gun’ as the best of the best. The Half day includes:


Semi Auto .22 Rifles fitted with Red Dot sights

10 metres (best score)

50 metres (best score)

Shooter vs Shooter 25m plates (first to knock down 6 plates)

Shooter vs Shooter 50m plates (first to knock down 6 plates)

.223 Bolt action ‘sniper rifles’ fitted with telescopic sights

100m (best score)

100m battleships (shoot each others fleet)

Axe throwing

Mini Hawk Throwing Knives

3m (best score)

Full size Tomahawk

6m (best score)

Price is per person and includes some prizes for winners.


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