Zombie Apocalypse Experience


The ultimate dynamic shooting experience in the UK. Day and night shooting, lazers, smoke, sniper rifles, semi auto rifles and zombies…..lots of zombies!


An utterly unique Experience for the UK, all shot in our new indoor ranges.

The World as we know has ended, Zombies have taken over and there are only a few living humans left to try and survive. In our Zombie Apocalypse Experience you will learn to become a Zombie hunter, saving other ‘normals’ learning to shoot Zombies with semi auto rifles and bolt action snipers which are full .22 rifles, not toys, real guns.

Your day begins in our indoor 25m range where you are giving one to one training from one of our experienced Zombie Hunters using our custom made Grand Power Stribog Zombie killers. These are specially designed .22 calibre, semi automatic rifles, fitted with powerful flashlights, red dot sights, green lazers and extended 25 round magazines, just perfect for Zombie hunting.

Then you’ll be trained on our Zombie Sniper rifles, bolt action, .22 calibre rifles with high power telescopic sights and you’ll learn to shoot the wings off flies…..zombies have a lot of flies!

Once trained you’re off on your first mission, a normal is trapped in a building, you’ve got to infiltrate the building, search and shoot the zombies and rescue the normal, all the time you are accompanied by your trained Zombie Hunter who will keep you safe (from yourself and the zombies….we hope). No sooner are you back but another normal is trapped so off you go again, this time at night – zombies come out more at night so you’ve got your work cut out for you.

Finally you’ve your last mission, this time you’re on the sniper rifle, no better way to kill a Zombie than from a distance so you’ve got to pick off a load of Zombies from 50m away saving more normals along the way.

There is nothing like this shooting experience in the UK, genuine real firearms, you dont need any shooting experience or a licence and you’ll be accompanied at all times by one of our trained Zombie Hunters (who happen to be qualified firearms instructors too) so you’ll be safe whilst clearing the World of the Zombie scourge.

As a memento of your experience, and to prove you survived the Zombie Experience you’ll get a video of your day showing your skill and dealing with Zombies.

Minimum of two shooters per experience, price is one person so order 2 or more (maximum of 4). Photo ID will be required to shoot.


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