Moving Target Shooting Experience


Shoot moving targets in light and dark in our indoor 25m ranges


Most shooting experiences involve shooting static paper targets a few meters away and whilst its fun this Experience Event is the next level.

Using one of our custom build .22 Calibre semi automatic rifles you’ll shoot a whole variety of paper and steel reactive targets out to 25m.

The targets include steel knock down plates, moving ‘bobbers’ which when activated move up and down and ‘swingers’ which literally swing side to side making them great fun to shoot.

You will also shoot a ‘Texas Star’, this is a 5 steel plate revolving target which is hilarious fun to shoot, the whole experience is great fun and all shot inside in our new 25m indoor range.

You’ll get to shoot in the light and in the dark too with using tac lights and lazers, its great fun.

Total rounds – 100

Price is for one person, minimum of two shooters required for booking.


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